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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 18, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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can 3 i really wanted to catch this gy woman.. being thrown onto subway tracks.the one tactic catch thh suspect. and... never worry aboot llsing the remote again..he new technology that will let one.change channels without - 3 3 friday, jjnuary 18th.
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33 we are just two days away game... and everyone hhre in the face ff against thh patrio. patriotssjoel d smith is enemy lines... to see how patriots fans are getting ready for the purple invasion. he's up in proviience right now wwere the teamssare staying.good morning joel d. d. 3
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, raaens fans across the state have been showing their purple pride ll eek long.... includinggbbltimore's finest. finest.110-105"hey ray, take thii unker up here with you when you go up there, brady hard."142-147"this is how we treat guys from nee england, especiallyyyou tom brady (tackle). go raaens!!!!" ravens!!!!!police sayythe ravens were happy to help them days to ppt together.officerss want faas to enjoyythis safe way. "assit important as it is to with the community show a - human siie offdepartment aad officer sand suuport our home team which is what we want to d" do"police are planninggto step up atroll on sunday... in federal hill, cantoo and fells point. continuing coverage... of the
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a-ffc ccampionshhi game.we'll have live reports ll orning long..and then on fox45 news at fiveeand ox45 news at ten. 3 and even though new england is seven hours away... pptriots fans. tweet your thoughts on the you cannsee what other - raaens fans are saying... and what patriots fans are sayingg in rettrn.. bb going too foxbaltimore dot com. click onn"ray's last riie". baltimore county police are triee to grab a 10-year-old ay school.ii happened eenesday morning.officers say he child &pwas just a few blocks away from wood-moor elementary in gwynnnoak when the man got a hand on his jacket...he was able o get away... and ran inside the school. (mr. jones) "it mmke you want to almost meet them everyday, &pyou know, attthe walk them home. becauue, like
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know, doing sttff like that, u 3 it could have een worse.. worse."ppliceesay so far... they ddn't have a lot of infoomation to work with in this case.the bby wasn't able po give hem a detailed description of the suspect... or his car. o'malley is priority this year. today he's laborating on hhs proposals for gun safety and violence prevention in maryland. he plans to propose a ban on miliiary-style assauut weapons and push for striitee licensing requiremenns. he'll also aadress mental health and school safety. povernor martin o'malley's tuition at state ouud raise universities... if passed.that means students would pay 33percent more per semester too attend classes.students at the university of maryland... for instance... would spend an extra 225 doolars per year. dollars... anddcoppin ssate would spend 115 ddllars more. christian harris, coppin state
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student: "it doesn't seem like that much to anybody else, but it can make or break--or make a difference. make or breakka they can return to school, becauss they might not have it."martell gaynor, coppin state student: "try to make it a littll bit easier for us to make the wwrld a better place, por us to ay tuitiin, thh &phigher tuition is, the harddr it is o pay." proposed tuiiion increasess.. you can find ittbb going o senator barbar mikulski pays a visit to crisfield... a town peft heaviiy damaged by superstorm sandy. least 585 homes were damage because of the storm. mikulski is working to bringg morr federal dollars to the recover ffom thh storm.nts "and i wanted toomake sure that crisfield anddsomerset behind, that it was working ffr thh people. and then i can why marylanddneeded help and ay to make sure ttat the money
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that goes into thh federal checkbook to keep the recovery going so people can get their lives and liveliioods back." back."theeocttber storm is blamed for 140 deaths and billions of dollars in property damage across severaa states. we're getting a first-hand pook inside he colorado dozens of others... during a pidnight screening of "the theater... which issnow open... has a new look andda new ame.the renovation cost an estimated oneemillion- dollarss if you're against getttng the "oldd flu shot....this new vaccinatton mmy chaage your mind. the f-d-a has approved a nee flu vaccine that's made √°without√° eggs or the influenza virus. it's cceated usiig d-n-a technollgy and an iisect virus. the vaccine is for people 18 to 49- years-oldd experts say it uses a faster manufacturing process....and contains three trains of influenza.
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coming up on the early pdition... saying goodbye... columnist.the legacy left behiid... by "deaa abby". 3 ((break 1)) at honda, we know some people are never happy with the way things are. and are always dreaming of how they coube.
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smarter, simpler, how-on-earth-does-it-do-that... er. and they make it that way. because things can always be better. we like those people. they think like us. introducing the best civic sedan yet. made possible by honda. meteerologist))
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3 3- 3 pou cannget youu morning news and weather... seven days a week right here on fox45.fox45 morning news - weeeends launches this will be anchored by longtime baltimooe broadcaster marianne
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banister and meteorologist pony pagnotti will bring you saturday at 6 -m... and meres 3 sunday att7 a-m. still to ccme... doing away with the issue... of a lost rem. remote.the nnw teehnooogy that could eliminate the need for onn. heeping millions... with verything from family th matters... to their lovv lives. "dear abby" advice column.
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3 pauline phillips, better known as thee riginal dear abby advice columnist, hassdied pfter a long baatle with alzheimer's disease.she was 94-years-old. mary snow has more onnthe life of the woman millions of newspaper readers &padvvce. phillips... but she was beet as a thirty-somethinn oying an housewife in california, she told the ditor at the san franciico chronicle she was collmmiss they hhd. she credits hee flip, saucy one liners for getttng he job. pen her "dear abby" column grew, she competeedin the adviceefield with her identical twin sister esther pauline-- better known as
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columnnit "ann landers". their dueling careers put a strain on their 1990, it takes to be a good have to eel for people. you have to want to help peoole. that's tte best part abbut being dear abby. i love being able to help people. if someone writee in to say abby.. you changed my me that nobody else could do. she wrote about the angry letters she received from pcccpttnce of hooosexuality-- - at a timeewhen there wasnnt times when she'd reach out personally toopeople who were troubled.phillips was known for her sometimes pithy resppnses... like the time "ted" asked her what innpires youumost to write.. and she answered.. the bureau of internal revenne. but kyra phillips of cnn's sisterr station hln says money was far from the goal..she met paulinn phillips.. who's not reeated.. when sse was in colllge and the "dear abby" columnist
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became a mentor. thii was not fake. this was not a schtick. thhs wwsn't a hmm... what can i do to make a lot of mooey? this was real. she went to school for journalism but she helping those that wwre lees fortunate than she was. she great.pauline phillips was le diagnosed with alzheimer's disease in 2002. ttat ssme yeer, er daughter jeanne took while she remembers her says her directtstyle is ly captured in a favorite swedish . less; say more..hate less; love more. " straight ahead... changing channels... with theeflick of wrist.the gesture-control techhology software companiee &pare developing. p(break 3))
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xx for anyone whose ever lost a
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remooe control, a new movement in software could be right up a look at ggsture recognition, and how your devices could soon be controlled wiih a wave of your haad. hand. the next wave of interaccing with your t-v, yyur p-c, or your tablet may eliminate clicking a moose, ppshing a button, or swiping a screen.. inntead -- you can just use youu haad to contrrl your tv, laptop, tablet. any device companies are moving forward - electronicc, gamiig, laptops, even cars. one company hoppng is israeli-based pointgrab. think about the time you spend to look for a remote control. instead of that, you have youu hands with you all he time. you can just raise it and control thh volume or broose different this
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ccmera reads the user's and down ccntrolssvolume.t-v'ss are a target device, because of thhir stationary position in a room and coosumers' habits. but instead of learniig how to operate a clunky remote control, the t-v has to get o know you better. we don't need to learn to interact with the evice. insteaa ouu technology helps you and read your body challenge in the earll stagee of the technologg: differrnt gestures aaross differenn devices for the same action, meaning manufacturers may have to come up with some staadards, down the llne. i'm karin caifa, ann you're now clicked in. coming up... governor o'malley gets a delicious delivery. tth denver bboncos.n in a bth - porn capital website,, -3
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washington, dc is the porn capital of america. dc residentssview more online porn per capita thannthose in pll 50 statts.they view more thhn 14 orn videos per pprson pnnuully. this is double the amount viewed in hawwii whicc washinnttn, dc? well, dc is &pfiiled with tens oo thousands of federal employees. never beforeehas governmeet een o aad less is expected of ttem. so give them internet acccss and they're selling on ebay, trading stocks and watching pornography - even child porn. thereehave been countless news stories, reports, and investigations of ffderal taxpayer's time and are just a few examples. onn person attempted to accees porn 1800 times in a two--eek period. a senior attorney admitted to surfing porn 8 hours a day. one agency had 17 &pseniorreexcutives earnnng as muchhas $222,000 a year surf porn.why take the rrsk?
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because very few are seriously punished. nn job loss. no puspension. pnothing. when caaght, the their names to ppotect their don'' even have to deeply offended by all of this. to see links to some of these heaalines dottnet. and follow us on twitter and faceeook.i'm mmrk hyman.
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3&pa big honor for marylandd marching the young musscians will be in the national spotlightfo


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